Snowmagedden and the flakes

Much like the rest of the country, the snow fell yesterday in Alabama. I am sure in some parts it’s still snowing on and off.

canceled til snow gone

It was somewhat surprising in that it came sooner than projected, but the temperature yesterday morning was 51where I reside in central Alabama. It dropped about 11 degrees in 3 hours and folks lost their minds. I had pulled up school closings on my phone when I got up around 6 AM to keep a look at. Around 11 the schools were posting they were closing at 1. I was planning on working but Mother Nature and Murphy had other plans for me and many other folks.


Most of the morning was just misty and rainy. The temps were dropping but nothing to be concerned with. Yet I saw people driving erratically and the stores were packed. Around here, other than a bit of icy patches, there isn’t anything to worry about. I wonder if all those folks ate all their food yet. I am so amused that people feel the need to go buy extras for the “storm” that is going to last, at most, 2 days before we are back to a bit warmer weather.


Some areas actually had reason to be concerned and get home. However the area where I live was, as projected, spotty as to even getting mere dusting. Some areas got an inch or so while others got barely dusted. My neighborhood got about an inch and since it was wet, icy spots. The boy got to play in the snow on the porch. He was hoping to wake to snow to play in today but I’m afraid he will be sadly disappointed as it is just going to be ice and slush in our area. And really freaking cold! But by Monday we should be back in the 50’s again. Gotta love Alabama weather! I may get to wear flip flops next weekend!

I hope wherever you are that you are safe, warm and happy. If you got snow, I hope you get to enjoy the beauty of it without the ick.

Always remember to keep hope alive! The boy is trying in hopes of getting lots of snow to play in. Preferably on a school day!

Have a fabulous day!




The potential for Snowmagedden in Alabama and the maos of it all

A snowflake threatens to fall in Alabama and the markets runs out of milk and bread. Seriously. After moving around the country and living in a state where snow and ice were “just another part of winter”, I get why people here lose their mind when the word snow is mentioned.

snow we re gonna dieee

2 years ago, parts of Alabama were hit by a crippling snow storm as was parts of Georgia. People were stranded in their car from 2 hours up to nearly 24 hours. My family was scattered around the city and only my brother made it home that night 6 hours after he left his office usually a 20 minute ride. My parents got a room at the hospital and my then-pregnant sister-in-law spent the night at the school. I can’t even imagine.

A large part of the problem is the state is not prepared for a winter storm of that magnitude. Not only are they not prepared for a storm of that magnitude, but they don’t have the equipment to treat the roads nor the human power. Another part is no one is God, so predicting the weather can be tricky.

Being a weather geek, I have been closely watching the weather and according to all sites, we are due for a bit of bad weather here. Although, in my local area, there is only maybe an estimated inch of snow that we will have and it should all be gone by Saturday. Probably. However, models and projections say it could impact the state on a larger scale if certain weather patterns collide. This would bring Alabama Snowpocalypse 2016 to central Alabama. We will be screwed. Hence the run on bread, milk and water. Personally, I already had milk as the kid drinks gallons of it, but picked up more bottled water, we go through it anyway, and a few bottles of wine. I will stop again today to deal with the mob because we are out of freaking broccoli and pomegranate juice. Don’t judge I am weird about my juice and the kid is weird about his vegetables! I also need to pickup icecream which is also weird but I was planning to do it before I learned of the complete maos that will be tomorrow due to the potential snow storm. Blessed sweet Pete I just love it when folks lose their minds over what-ifs! They obviously weren’t paying attention to ground temperatures before and models and projections for after said event either or they wouldn’t buy up all the groceries some of us just need but they bought for the next month… they can always use the excess for Super Bowl parties I guess!

southerns snow shut down

I am hoping to take the boy to the science center tomorrow, however the worst is supposed to hit tonight and early in the morning. I had to let him know that we may not be able to go but he was comforted with the fact we will play in the snow if we can’t go out. He still remembers living in Tennessee and getting iced in where we lived. He’s only bummed because it won’t happen on a school day but if we get snow, it will be fun no matter what day it is. Ah the flexibility of the young! Finding the joy in the small things that make some adults flip out and often over-react!

do you wann build a snowman

Honestly my biggest concern is if we do get snow and ice, the people that rely on others to come in and care for them may not have anyone that can get to them or that would be willing to stay with them. I thought about making sure they were somewhere safe. I considered finding chains for the Blue Bunny, my Jeep, but she isn’t in the best shape and that Murphy dude and his laws seem to race to change my plans… probably not the best plan but my heart is there! I’m sure I will be knee deep in making sure folks are taken care of once I get into the office.

help others live

Like I said, we aren’t prepared for snow and ice. People here don’t drive well in bad weather. *ahem* I have had people call out when it is raining hard and I can only imagine what the phones will be like this afternoon and tomorrow. Y’all send up a prayer I am not on call this weekend ‘cause I am not sure I could take the stress!

For those of y’all really getting pounded by Winter Storm Jonas (I just learned they named winter storms and I am a geek so there’s my info for today kids) my thoughts and prayers that you get through safe and warm! For those facing it, brace yourselves, stock up on necessities and booze (if you like or whatever gets you though!) and ride it out with those you love. Pay attention to your local news stations and for the love of Pete don’t go out in the madness unless you have to!

Enjoy that nature is saying, “Just stop and slow down”. And don’t forget to check on friends and neighbors, especially those who may live alone, are elderly, frail or just need to know that someone cares!

Keep hope alive for a fabulous Friday!

Lady Maos

scary part of snow storm

Have a happy maotic, madness Monday!

enjoy monday madness

Greeting from the land of the maotic Monday!

I hope you all had a fantastically, fabulous weekend!

Mine was filled with love, fun and maos of course! I really need to remember my limitations but seem to be pushing myself further and more than I should. I just can’t help it. I am paying for it but every moment was worth it. Except the20- minutes it took me to go 2 miles due to traffic Friday evening. That I can do without thank you very much!

Looking forward I realized it’s all downhill from here… Thanksgiving is next week, then we jump right into the Christmas season.

turkey santa

On the plus side I have heard more and more people talking about NOT going out on Thanksgiving night to Christmas shop for those bargain deals and hearing of more and more retailers having online sales and of not being opened Thanksgiving evening. Something I am opposed to for numerous reasons. It’s enough that medical and law enforcement have to work but I don’t see why people can’t wait a few more hours so that people can actually have a whole day off from the retail!

no shopping on thanksgiving

I also got fabulous news on the career front and I will be going back to work full-time like people do starting the Monday after Thanksgiving! It’s been a bit of a roller coaster of a ride of life regarding employment for me.

Last year, during this month, I was laid off from my “corporate respectable decent paying” full time job. I didn’t let it phase me too much. In part, I was somewhat relieved as I honestly couldn’t see myself in that industry for the rest of my life. I had a bit in savings, however, as we all know, life is not free. So I signed up for unemployment. That’s only 6 months for those who think it lasts a year(s) that isn’t the case here in the great state of Alabama. Plus, is it a tiny fraction of what you made so I began looking for work.

I was blessed to find care giving jobs. I also went on interviews, sent out literally hundreds of resumes and corresponded with several potential employers. The only decent/good one is the one I have now working in the care giving industry part-time which sadly doesn’t pay a lot. I have generated funds selling a long respected line of beauty products, yes fabulously graceless loves her skincare products, as well as a handful of writing jobs here and there but have constantly been looking.

dr nurses caregivers

When I did the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, a friend sent an email about another potential caregiver position and went in to apply for the job. The owner and I hit it off immediately and chatted away. I felt pretty good I would get clients from them and hopefully even some office work down the road.

That was 3 weeks ago. Last week I got a call from him wanting to “pick my brain”. After talking for 45 minutes, neither of us realizing it had been that long because we were talking about work but it’s with that passion you find with people who believe like you do that people deserve and should receive the best care possible, how challenging Alzheimer’s disease is, how employees should perform and how each case varied but the compassion should be there no matter what… so my hope grew a bit bigger after that conversation but I didn’t want to jinx or say anything because well, I have that Murphy dude who likes to mess with me so I wasn’t saying anything! Then I got the call Thursday evening and it was a go and my start date! Talk about the happy dance!

My biggest concerns, of course, were telling the employers and clients I have now I will no longer be able to be with them. It was easier telling my employer than I thought and she congratulated me as she understood why I was branching out. Telling Miss Candy and my knitting friends I won’t be able to go on Mondays anymore will be a bit harder. So say a little prayer for me on that part today! I tend to get close to my clients. There is a lot of trust between caregiver and patient. It isn’t always easy. I even think about the clients who were only in my care a time or two and hope they are well.


With my new adventure I will be able to work with the families as well as the caregivers. Being on both sides of the coin I am excited to start my new adventure. I am also a bit nervous because I know what’s expected of me. I know I can do it. I always have HOPE!

I Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

Keep Hope Alive!!!


Happy Football Saturday!

Happy football Saturday!


Here in sweet home Alabama it is a Big football day for the Crimson Tide!

We play LSU and I have to say to my LSU friends, I love you but we need to understand it’s a game and I will be hollering Roll Tide no matter what the outcome of the game is all day and night. It is the way it is.

al vs lsu

Maybe because when I was younger I went to an Alabama vs LSU game with my sister, her dad and brother. Alabama was losing badly and when we scored 3 points I jumped up screaming and hollering, happy my team had scored at all, when this absolutely ass of a fan next to me screamed for me to sit down and shut up. Shocked I sat down but still clapped, looking sideways to my left at this jerk of a human. It was a football game. I was used to the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn. I enjoyed it and whomever won I’ve always enjoyed the games. I know that we were playing poorly but come on, I wasn’t up in his face like he was mine taunting me about how crappy my team was. (Actually it was pretty raunchy and I was about 14 so it was kind of shocking to me but I played it cool.) It seems I wasn’t the only one watching him. Both LSU and Bama fans were watching as were my sister’s father, brother and security.

When we scored again getting us a tiny bit closer to their lead I lept up screaming with glee! That’s when the shit got real. Mr. LSU Jerk of the Year jumped up and grabbed my arm and screamed, “I told you to sit down and shut up!” He also included a few more adjective I won’t subject y’all to but you get the drift. The next thing I knew I felt my body being lifted and pulled to the right, saw people approaching from all sides, and then saw him lift his arm to hit someone, but he quickly went down! He was escorted from the game by officers. I was a bit shaken up but continued to scream for my team even though we lost that game.

The ride home was surreal. It seems Big J, sister’s “dad” and Little J, her brother, had moved her and got to me in seconds and were going for the jerk. Apparently, unbeknownst to them, security and several fans, of both sides, were waiting for him to blow and jumped into action when he grabbed me and started screaming at me. I will forever be grateful to all of those folks who jumped to my rescue.

I continue to look sideways at crazy football fans after that experience. Being from the south, I understand how important football is. How being loyal and believing in a team can feel. You share your wins and losses and always remain true. Well most people! I understand the rivalry and the thrill of it. The good natured teasing and hopefully claiming the champion title. I GET IT! I do.

al lsu crazy fans

But sometimes folks take it way too far. They get mean. They really hate people for their love for another team and their loyalty saying they can’t understand why they love that team so much when theirs is so much better. I have to wonder if they don’t look at themselves for that answer and reverse the question! Then sometimes that take it way to far, like grabbing a kid because they don’t want the other team to score at all even though their team is beating the crap out of them. They don’t want Anyone on that team to have any happiness and joy so they try their damnedest to control it.

Guess what? It never works out well.

I did learn there are some great LSU fans out there. Quality folks who I have met, befriended and enjoy the usual rival during football time. No matter who wins, we always have our friendship.

I guess I am trying to say no matter who your team is and who you are playing or don’t like, remember there are real people on both sides that care not only about the game, but other people as well. So when you say you hate *insert team* you are saying that you hate everyone that stands with them. Then you are ostracizing an entire group of people over a football game. You could be missing out on potential friends, spouse or employers. Now due to your hate you could possible damage happiness in your own life. Not such a good idea and definitely not healthy!

So everyone let’s try to remember we are all human and this is a game.

smartest man roll tide

That being said ROLL TIDE BABY! Let’s bring it one! No matter what let’s have Fun!

heart and soul roll tide

Always Keep Hope Alive!



The first Sunday after college football

Ahh the first Sunday after college football in Alabama! Both Alabama and Auburn kicked booty and of course it was a late night with friends and family.

Earlier this week my lovely boy, who learned “Roll Tide” before he could say complete sentences and was dressed all in Alabama attire when brought home from the hospital, yelled “War Eagle” while dressed in an Alabama t-shirt on the way to school. I whipped my head around and said, “What did you say?” Smiling he replied, “Warrrr Eagle Mommy!” I quickly found out he had learned it from his teacher at school. He was a bit concerned I would be mad. Apparently he is already caught onto the fact that the two teams are rivals and was wondering if he was “in trouble with me” for saying it. So was his teacher! I assured them both that although I was a Bama fan through and through, I was not a rabid fan and cheered for the other team as long as they weren’t playing each other.

I realized how fine a line it is. I have always known that people argue, fight and even divorce over the college rivalry here. It blows my mind.

To be born in Alabama means you are basically assigned a team at birth. Usually the team your parents are for.

Growing up I always cheered for Alabama because that’s who my daddy loved. My mom became a Bama fan after marriage, as several of her family members went to Auburn. Later my younger brother graduated from Alabama so her ties were strong by then. My boy has both and aunt and uncle who attended UA so it was a natural choice to dress him in crimson and white and teach him “Roll Tide” and “Go Bama” along with the fight song.

I have recently realized that may be a mistake. This does not mean I will stop buying him Bama gear and suit him up for Auburn per se.

While having the conversation the other day in the car I made a comment that “I don’t do orange it doesn’t look good on me.” He said, “Well I look good in red, white, blue and orange Mommy.” And he’s right.

As parents we tend to lead our children to what we like best. Not that it is a bad thing, but we don’t really stop to think of the implications it has on them.

Yes, I am moving a bit deeper than just football so bear with me.

The boy is like me in so many ways it scares the crap out of me. But he is Not me. Nor is he his father. He is his own being who is coming more and more into who he is as a person. Not just a mini-me. He certainly has learned many traits, most good a few probably not as good, from me and his dad, but he also has his own opinions about things.

Yesterday my mom took the boy and I to the local science center for the day. His birthday is coming up and she wanted to have a bit of time with just the three of us.

We had a blast exploring, learning and playing for hours. When we were leaving we had to pay to get out of the parking deck. Mom and I were frustrated because we couldn’t get the machine to take our money to get out and were a bit snappish with each other, but truly nothing ugly or rude. He pipes up from the backseat, “Hey all that jealousy and anger isn’t nice, and you both need to be good to each other.” Did I mention he’s almost 5? He hasn’t quite got all the basics down of emotions and what means what, but we got the idea. After talking to him and explaining what jealousy meant and how we both were just frustrated that we couldn’t get out of the parking garage, the pay to get out box wasn’t working so we had to move, he said, “Well y’all just need to talk nicer to each other then. People will think you’re mad at each other.” It’s a bit scary when the kid is smarter than the adults.

I’ve come to realize I have to let my boy make his own choices in life. I may not always like them, like letting his thick hair grow out because he wants to or doing things I do a certain way differently, but they are his ways. As long as it isn’t harmful to him or others I want to let him grown into who he want to be. Not someone I think he should be.

I hope you all have a fabulous day!



Fabulous Friday with a touch of nostalgia

fantastic friday

The beginning of the weekend is here! We wait all week for this… or some of us do! School kids look forward to the weekend, and if they are lucky, 2 days of no “learning” and sitting in a classroom. Parents are happy, if they are of the Monday through Friday jobs, to have 2 days with their family. Or maybe it’s a dreaded thing, 50/50 chance there I guess. But I digress! Overall it’s 2 days free of the “normal weekday grind.” Songs are written about it, there are videos about it, poems, ditties and memes galore.

Also it’s officially football season again. Living in the south, high school and college football are a big deal. I know all over the US Friday night football is back and fans are all into football weekends, with high school games on Friday and college games on Friday and Saturdays. Of course since I am bringing up football, one can’t forget the NFL and Sunday games! It’s like Friday kicks off football too.


And since school is back in session, there are all types of sports, arts and other weekend activities to do.

I miss the Friday night dinners followed by family TV time of Dallas and Falcon Crest or friends coming over and card games and laughter.

We often would go to the high school football games and then out to dinner at the local Pizza Hut. We would see friends and family and enjoy spending time with them and each other. It was amazing how well my brother and I would get along during these times for the most part! Like we knew we were in the moment of something special and would get along and actually like each other to keep that good, happy feeling going!

I try to recreate, to a degree that fun, weekend feeling with the boy. If we are going out to dinner I find somewhere fun we both like, aka not necessarily a place with a playground, and will enjoy the food as well as the company but not break the bank. Depending on how long we are out, when we get home we may play a game before finding a new movie on Netflix to watch together. I love that he loves watching “classic” older kid’s movies that I loved when I was a kid… and an adult too but that’s ok it’s not TMNT or Frozen over and over as I can’t do that!

Last summer he watched Pinocchio for the first time, the original one, and loved it. Watching it for the first time with him I was taken back to when I saw it with my grandfather at the Alabama Theater oh so many years ago.

al theatre

Of course then I had to take him to the same theater to see a movie there and experience the feeling of awe and “how cool” it was compared to the “regular” theaters he was accustomed to. We went at Christmas and saw the Charlie Brown Christmas movie classic, which he’d of course seen, but not in that setting. Even though he had a mini meltdown before the movie, he told me later that was one of the best times he had watching a movie knowing I had been there as a little girl seeing movies there too. The kid can get me!

al theatre sign

So Friday I welcome you and know that somehow, somewhere, happiness and joy will be found in you some way by many! I know for myself and mine we will enjoy this Friday, rain or shine, because after all, it’s the start of our weekend!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!








A blue bunny kind of Thursday

So my jeep has been in the shop for a while now. I am worried that the “Blue Bunny” may not be suitable for me any longer and I dearly love that vehicle!

It is far from a luxury car, but it is mine, bought and paid for. It seems, however, that it’s days of carting me and mine around are limited.

I purchased that jeep when it was just me and my big love dog, Jethro. It has a manual transmission, aka manny tranny, and lots of quirks but I was in love from the test drive.

b jethro

I started receiving recall notices, little things like windows, buttons, etc. after the boy was born and took it in the first time when the passenger rear window got stuck in the down position. At first the dealership tried to claim my kid had worn it out, but seeing as how I had him in a carrier and he had limited head control, much less the ability to repeatedly push the button to roll down the window they conceded it was probably due to the defect of the system. Ya think?!

Then, about a year and a half after the first time I had the window repaired, the same thing happened. It got stuck on the passenger side in the down position. It was winter and cold, like 23 degrees outside cold. I took it back to the dealership and told them of the problem.

Let’s just say things did not go well for either of us, and I had to pay for a new part for the window they “repaired” with the recalled parts they were given to “replace the bad ones”. Whatever. My kid is still in a car seat and can’t reach the button for the window. *Ahem.

Of course I had to do the usual maintenance, fluid changes, tires (several times as I drive a lot and yeah, I think I am an Andretti descendant at times), even a new windshield, which I lived with for quite a while before I dropped the cash to fix that.

Moving along I came to the decision to move back to the motherland with the boy and dog. I figured it would be easier to do the majority of it myself to save funds.

Logical right?

So I started packing and planning and realized I needed a hitch on my jeep as I figured I would at some point need a trailer for my move.

I take it to the local U-Haul and schedule a time for the hitch to be installed. Since it was during the week and I worked, I had a co-worker take me up there so I could have them install the hitch while I am at work, go back to work and come back when they finished as it was less than 5 minutes away.

I get to the U-Haul, walk in and tell all these “young” guys why I am there. The cockiest one walks up, snags my keys and smirks, “I got this.”

I just smiled at his other 2 co-workers and said, “He’s kind of confident. That’s going to be a good thing to have in life.”

As they looked at me oddly, he returned via the back entrance with a sheepish look on his face. His co-workers quickly inquired as to if he was ok and if the vehicle was ok. Of course the vehicle was fine. The problem? He couldn’t drive a manual transmission, stick shift or anything like it. If it wasn’t “automatic” he couldn’t drive it!

It turns out only one of them had ever even attempted driving a vehicle that wasn’t an automatic. All of the trucks they rented were automatic.

b gearshit gfriend

Wow, just wow!

There was only one that had attempted to drive a stick, and yes, I let him attempt it again but he couldn’t do it. He had the true humor to tell me he was temporarily turning in his man card because he now knew he needed to know how to drive one.

The other two pretty much hid from me more or less.

I had to back my own vehicle up the ramp so they could install the hitch. Their manager was coming over from another store to get it down and they would call to let me know when to pick it back up.

I had to say I laughed long and hard about that one as did several of my co-workers and friends! I still do. I mean, really, you take your vehicle to get something done to it and all of the employees working that shift could not drive it because it is not an automatic?! I cannot make this up!

I’ve had so many great adventures and good memories in my “blue bunny” so named for its color and general happy feel!

My boy had one of those walkers that had the jeep look on it and that was done randomly and not because of my jeep. I have a photo somewhere of him in his walker behind my actual parked jeep. See below.

b jeep

I have lived in 2 states and driven through 7 in the bunny.

I know her quirks and oddities like I know my own.

Of course I paid it off last year so it’s just Murphy and his laws again messing with me telling me it’s time to move on. But this one is hard for me.

I have so many great memories.

My dog, Jethro, who is no longer on the planet with me, rode all over the southeast in that jeep.

My dad got a kick out of it and we talked about how I always wanted a jeep when I was younger, but he was worried then that I would flip it with my driving skills at the time. My dad is no longer here either.

I got the Blue Bunny and 14 months later had my boy so I carried both boy and dog in the jeep back and forth from the park to the house and to visit family.

I know that sometime soon I am going to have to make a decision on what to do about her.

I’ve been blessed to have a “loaner” minivan that is quite cool. Words I never thought I could ever put into a sentence and mean! It’s “loaded” as they say and my boy likes it better than the jeep. I mean ALL of the windows roll up and down, there’s a sun roof, space, good on gas and oh yeah it has DVD players in it.

We took it on our trip to PA and even with 6 humans and all of our crap we had space. We even discussed, other than hitting laundry mats and grocery stores, we could just keep driving and take a trip around the country. It is that comfy and cool.

But still, I will miss the Blue Bunny once she goes.

For now, I can still keep hope alive that I can squeeze a bit more time out of her.

b bluebunny

For nostalgia’s sake if nothing else.

Memories last forever.

Have a fabulous graceless day!






It’s Thursday!!!!

One day closer to the weekend.

Thursday is just kind of hanging out there.

Not too much is said unless you get a long weekend and it starts on Thursday!

Although it seems to usually be a pretty decent day when I think about it.

For example, tomorrow I just have to do a bit of work, drive to the country, write and enjoy life!

At least I am trying to put the positive spin on it.

The boy leaves for his camping trip today.

I did get to see him last night at karate though. He got his green belt. I’m both proud and impressed as he is a handful and most of the time he does what he’s told and follows direction. Of course not ALL the time. He’s almost 5 and is constantly on the move and in conversation!

I told him I would come and he would go home with daddy or his other grandmother and he was fine with it. I told him when he came back from his week vacation with them that we would go to the beach and he ran yelling though the house, “We’re going to the beachhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Yes, just a touch excited and loving the beach like his mama!

But then he cried and said he didn’t want me to go home without him.

Even though I KNOW he is going through this phase of turning on the tears to get what he wants, it kills me a little inside to not be able to say, “Ok kiddo, let’s go with me.” It isn’t how it works with this scenario and he knows it too. And not that he gets away with it around me, I invented the “turn on the tears” to try and get what I wanted when I was his age!

So I sat in the car and shed a few tears, then went and got my mama and we had a lovely dinner at the Olive Garden,

The boy is camping with his other family, probably being like lord of the flies and eating the filling out of the Oreos and putting them back in the package and having a blast.

I am working and writing and trying to find a bit of peace in my mind.

I hope you are able to find a bit of peace and/or sanity today as well.

Or if you’re starting your weekend early, please have 2 for me!

We are almost to the end of this crazy week!

Never forget to Keep Hope Alive!

Have a fabulous Thursday and stay graceless my friends!


Manic Monday in 3D!

Today we have Manic Monday in 3D!

manic monday horse

This gal is on her way back home from the great northern adventures and visiting with friends and family!

I am sure there will be things that do not go according to plan, Mr. Murphy please take those laws and go!

We’ve no time for all that!

For we are going down the highway of life and living it to the fullest!

on the road

There’s no need for the dramas and the trials today!

Nor for any other!

So yes we have frantic, manic, even sometimes panic Mondays!

That does not mean we do not face them head on and break on through to the other side! Thank you Mr. Jim Morrison!

I urge you to Never Lose Hope!

Never give up!

Always Keep Hope Alive!

keep hope alive

Especially on manic Mondays!

Have a great one Y’all!

Stay Fabulous!


The Moon

my heart moon

The other night I was taking pictures of the moon.

My little smarter-than-me phone doesn’t have the high quality of a “real” camera but I was trying.

I got some decent shots but I realized I was trying to capture something I could not get on film.

If I was being honest with myself I was trying to capture not only images my phone camera couldn’t capture, but also of the way the night felt. Maybe even how I felt.

I was able to capture an image of something I cannot explain.

It was not visible to the naked eye, but as soon as I trained my camera on the area that I wanted it would appear.

my moon face

Trust me I took several photos just to see if it was on my lens, I cleaned it, it was not.

not alone moon2

I do not know if what I saw was a “trick of the light” a “reflection of the moon” or “something else” but I know I was the only human on the porch and I did not feel alone.

I felt like someone was there with me but it was comforting.

not alone mooon 1

The big moon in the sky with light so bright it felt like everyone, everything, every being was exposed and in harmony.

I wanted to run in the field light up so bright it felt magical.

As it was I danced in the light to tunes in my head.

Knowing I was not alone and knowing how peaceful I felt.

Yes, the man in the moon is smiling, smiling on a girl in the world.