It’s Thursday!!!!

One day closer to the weekend.

Thursday is just kind of hanging out there.

Not too much is said unless you get a long weekend and it starts on Thursday!

Although it seems to usually be a pretty decent day when I think about it.

For example, tomorrow I just have to do a bit of work, drive to the country, write and enjoy life!

At least I am trying to put the positive spin on it.

The boy leaves for his camping trip today.

I did get to see him last night at karate though. He got his green belt. I’m both proud and impressed as he is a handful and most of the time he does what he’s told and follows direction. Of course not ALL the time. He’s almost 5 and is constantly on the move and in conversation!

I told him I would come and he would go home with daddy or his other grandmother and he was fine with it. I told him when he came back from his week vacation with them that we would go to the beach and he ran yelling though the house, “We’re going to the beachhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Yes, just a touch excited and loving the beach like his mama!

But then he cried and said he didn’t want me to go home without him.

Even though I KNOW he is going through this phase of turning on the tears to get what he wants, it kills me a little inside to not be able to say, “Ok kiddo, let’s go with me.” It isn’t how it works with this scenario and he knows it too. And not that he gets away with it around me, I invented the “turn on the tears” to try and get what I wanted when I was his age!

So I sat in the car and shed a few tears, then went and got my mama and we had a lovely dinner at the Olive Garden,

The boy is camping with his other family, probably being like lord of the flies and eating the filling out of the Oreos and putting them back in the package and having a blast.

I am working and writing and trying to find a bit of peace in my mind.

I hope you are able to find a bit of peace and/or sanity today as well.

Or if you’re starting your weekend early, please have 2 for me!

We are almost to the end of this crazy week!

Never forget to Keep Hope Alive!

Have a fabulous Thursday and stay graceless my friends!



3 thoughts on “It’s Thursday!!!!

  1. Big change since Monday, and you’re right ; Thursday isn’t that big of a deal for some, unless it means a long weekend for them; I feel sorry for those folks. They wish their life away waiting for a better tomorrow or for vacation or mini vacations. Every day you wake up and your feet are able to hit the floor is a “Friday”, the exhilaration of an upcoming vacation or mini vacation, because some people no longer have that luxury of “having” a Thursday, or vacation etc. I like to think they are on a vacation for eternity, where they no longer dread Monday’s, or think ” Thank God, the weekend is almost here”. Every, single day is a gift, trust me, and not just because I’ve lost quite a few people I love. I happen to love Thursday’s, it was on a Thursday that I held my child and rocked her to sleep for the very last time, and I sang “Baby Mine” from Dumbo to her before I laid her down to sleep, which she never woke. How i wish I could take a vacation from that, or say yeah, it’s Friday, I get to forget for awhile. Live each day like it is Friday, live each day like it’s your last, or it’s the last time/day you might see the person you love or get to talk to them. Why does everyone think life begins on the “weekends”. Life starts right now. The past in written in ink, the present, a pencil that we can someone change and erase a little bit, and the future is blank. Don’t spend too much time trying to erase the ink, no weekend get a way in the country is going to do that, and please be thankful you have that….most don’t

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