Judge not lest ye be judged…or no one is perfect!

Lately I have noticed more judgement being passed on others. Not opinions but judgement.

In the Christian faith, and I will paraphrase, there is a verse, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” I am seeing is that there are many Christians that are doing the judging. Though to be honest, I am seeing a lot many people of all backgrounds who judge. I don’t understand that. For real, it does not compute with me.

I do not know anyone who is perfect. Seriously. Being perfect is being without flaw.

I don’t know one person who is truly without any flaws. One of the main problems I have with this is, again, who is someone else to judge others?

I understand laws, not that I agree with all of them, but I understand, respect and follow them. Of course I would never walk my cow down the middle of main street after 6 PM! There are some out of date laws on the books, but I will follow the law. That would be an entertaining one to break though, not that I am planning nor condoning the breaking of laws but that one makes me laugh!

What I have issue with are judgements because of disagreements. Disagreement on lifestyle, clothing, food, whom you should be with, when/if you should pray, maybe some think you shouldn’t pray so they judge because you do. Maybe your speech sounds funny or different so someone will judge you on that. Maybe they judge you on what I call the partials… they see a partial piece of your life so they therefore feel they know you and somehow that makes them master of judging you.

There is a fine line between judging and advising or suggesting.

Many times people don’t realize they are judging, they may feel as they are suggesting, but their tone and words sound so very harsh it is hard to think any other way. “You really should wear the other shirt that one makes you look fat.” To me that’s a judgement. And my girlfriends better tell me in a nicer way if something makes me look fat! Saying it like this sounds so much better. “You know that other shirt looks so much better on you. Why don’t you wear that one instead?” If I chose to wear said fat shirt, it is my choice and not for anyone to judge me.

That really is a lighter example of judging but hopefully it gets the point across! I have people that say I should get a bit more in depth with what I say and others say I say too much.

You can have opinions, strong one, just make sure not to blur the line of opinion and judgement. You don’t know what all is going on in the life of someone you so thoughtlessly pass judgment on. They may have lost a loved one, had a child melt down, lost their job so they aren’t in top form when running out the door. Their clothing choice is not for you to judge. The car they drive is not for you to judge.

You saw someone you know talking with “known criminals” so you assume and judge them. What if they were helping them, witnessing to them or sharing with them a better way to live their life? Yet you decided you “know” what’s going on so you judge. Then you tell others. Not only have you judged, but you have gossiped and most likely spread lies. How does that make you a better person?

I have seen people judged for their sex, their skin color, their political views and the church they do or do not attend. They are judged for their choice in friends.

Trying to raise a child in these conditions are challenging. It seems daily I am having to give my boy a different perspective and teach him how to not judge others. I admit I am not perfect. He now tells cars turning without signaling and going to slow to “Use your signal and own your turn!” Anyone who says kids don’t pay attention doesn’t pay attention to them! But he understands name calling, using the words fat, stupid and idiot regarding others will get him in time out faster than Superman can fly to the top of the tallest building.

So I ask you, do your best to not judge others. After all, when you point your finger at others to judge them, you have four fingers pointing back at you.

Have a fabulous day and Keep Hope Alive!


Have a fantastically fabulous Saturday

groovy sat

Today is going to be short and sweet.

This girl has had a long week as I am sure many of my readers have as well.

rough week

I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday.

I hope you find a bit of happiness.

And I hope  that your football team wins! Unless they are playing my team!

alabama football

Always keep hope alive!

Happy Friday! There is HOPE!

motivational friday

Don’t you love it when you have fabulous things happening but you can’t share it yet because there are still variables and you don’t want to jinx it?! Yeah, that is my life at the moment!

My Keep Hope Alive is working and on a faster scale than I expected in some areas. Things that have had no movement in months are starting to move quickly and I am scrambling to try and get myself as ready as possible to jump when the time comes!

Ahhh life with all of its joy and challenges! And of course in my life, the infamous Murphy of Murphy’s law always reminding me to keep on my toes!

I also realize that my attitude changed drastically a few months ago and I know that has attributed to my way of living and thinking. It was like I was going through the motions, but letting the challenges of life and some people get in the way of my happiness, hope and health. Once I realized and actually took action to change those things, I felt burdens lift and more positives whisper in my ear than the negatives. I admit I didn’t shut out all of those negative whispers, but I have put them in a special spot so that I can look at them and find the positive and then banish them from my life.

I got so caught up in what I needed to do and the semantics of it that I couldn’t get past it to actually finish the task completely or I would find myself forgetting things entirely. There are several factors that played into this and once I began seeing the knots in my lines, I was able to stop, reflect, write out a plan and move forward to untie the knots and move on with life. I had forgotten the simple tasks of writing down and reflecting on how to handle things. For me those are huge and a part of who I am. It shows how “off” I had been in my head and how far I have come.


I have felt somewhat adrift at times for a while now. I know that I have an amazing boy, a fabulous support system, a place to live and other wonderful things. But I was letting the negatives feed on the things in me that I wasn’t happy with, and while on the outside you would see the happy me, on the inside I wasn’t happy completely. I wasn’t at peace with myself and my world. I am so much closer. I know it takes time and patience.

Lord what a challenge patience can be for me. I have gotten better, but when you have others constantly questioning things when you yourself are waiting and trying to be patient is can be hard! Then my anxiety kicks in and I forget that peaceful spot in my soul. However, I am now getting better at redirecting myself. I talked about how I do it in caregiving, yet I wasn’t always practicing in my own life and with myself. Once I snagged that piece of the knotted line and untangled it I have found it easier to breathe. Moving forward is much easier now. I am still scared at times. We never know what the next moment holds. I do know that I am not as fearful or lost as I have been.

I know that there is HOPE for me and my life. I hope that by sharing you can also know that it takes time but dreams, hopes and miracles do happen. Trust me. I am proof!

As soon as I am able I will share the good things happening.

Right now I am sharing my hope that you all have a fabulously wonderful Friday!

Never forget to Keep Hope Alive!

You are worth it to invest in yourself and find your inner peace.

You are not alone.

love heals love is all there is


Happy Veterans Day – Go Thank a Veteran for your Freedom!

ty veterans

Today is a day that we should all stop and thank our Veterans. We should give thanks daily, but especially today. We need them to hear and know that we are thankful to their service as well as all they continue to give as a result of that service for our freedom.


Because of Veterans I am able to write about anything that I want without persecution from the law.

Because of Veterans I am allowed to live freely, and as a woman, without fear of retribution walking outside my home and being about to go where ever I please. I can vote, work, volunteer and be respected as a member of the community.

I raise my son knowing he has great men and women to inspire him because they chose to live their lives for the freedom of others. I can teach him and he can/will/does learn of others who sacrificed their time, their families and even their very lives so that he could be free.

veterans day poem

Recently he asked me why we recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I told him that people had fought and died for us to have that right and so we would be free and they continue to fight and die. I told him every time you place your hand over your heart and say the pledge, it’s like talking to God and it was a time to be respectful and reflect on your freedoms and be thankful.

pledge of allegiance

I told him he was free to play and learn and grow without fear of his family being taken from him, wrongly accused or killed because we have a justice system. It may have flaws but I have to teach him about these things. He was free because of our Veterans. When I walk up and thank a soldier in uniform he sees that. He is starting to better understand why I walk up to a complete stranger and say, “Thank you.” I am a parent and I see it as my duty not only to myself and my son, but to our country and our Veterans.

some gave all

He understands that Veterans are “regular” looking people. His great grandfather, great uncles, grandfather, father, uncles, some cousins and friends (male and female) are Veterans. He is also starting to “understand” more of what it is to be a Veteran and the cost of service.

I want to Thank All of the Veterans in my life from the bottom of my heart.


my first Veteran, my Papa – Merchant Marines 1942/3

Thank you to any Veteran who may be reading my post.

Please know there are many of us civilians out here who truly are grateful for all that you do and have done. And we are also teaching our children and the younger generation to respect and understand what you so selflessly gave up for our freedom.

Bless you All and have a Fabulous Day!

Keep Hope Alive



A little corner of my mind

Come with me and hold my hand.

Take me with you to the promise land.

Hold on tight don’t let me go.

For you see the things I do not know.

I don’t know want to walk alone.

I don’t know how to be all grown.

I wonder when I will learn these things.

They tell me to raise my voice and sing.

I guess I’ll smile and nod my head.

Pretend this feeling is not of dread.

I will hold my head high as the show must go on.

But in my soul I know the road is long.

On the horizon I see great things, I know I will get through this pain.

It won’t be just me in my thoughts and mind, I will have others to help me this time.

Ones I know will always be true, no matter what, through and through.

As I mature and learn through the strife, I have uncovered the joy and hope in my life.

So see if you have hope, a bit of faith and pray, you will make it through another day.

*I hope you enjoyed my poetry as I enjoy writing it. Sometimes it takes longer and other times it flies right out but I don’t always share it right away and sometimes I keep it for myself or the person it was written for. I have come to realize it’s very cathartic for me to share as I get more and more messages as to others feeling similarly as I do. It’s nice to know others can relate and even compliment my thoughts.

Have a fabulously fantastic Thursday!

Keep Hope Alive!

Maybe motivational Monday


Greetings and Happy Monday My Fabulous Friends!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I know our household was full up and in gear for Halloween and the sugar detox Sunday. Of course the boy is thrilled to have so much candy. He had me help him separate it yesterday with the stuff he likes, chocolate and stuff none of us will eat! He won’t eat the chocolate but knows others like it. I am trying so hard to stay away from the chocolate bucket of candy! I was never a big sweet person until after I had my hysterectomy and then it was like my taste buds craved the stuff. Not so fabulous… that saying a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips seems to be coming true so I am trying to only eat in moderation when it comes to sweets, including chocolates!

Ahhh the rainy Monday again too. Ugh. I know how much we need the rain but it can be a challenge to drive in and get out in. I know work today will be especially challenging with the weather since we always get out and about! Hopefully we will get to go to the knitting guild and they can see how poorly I am doing on my scarf! They inspire me to work harder. I mean it is only one scarf but finding extra time seems to be one of my biggest challenges lately.


I feel I am letting everyone down by not getting things done. I am trying! I am also job hunting, like I ever stopped, but the blog doesn’t pay my bills and my current job is part time with shabby pay, though I love my work. There just isn’t enough of it. My dream is to write and take care of others. Sadly, caring for people doesn’t pay well. It makes me angry that we pay people so little who care for our children and the elderly, as well as those in between who need help.

Trying to live and raise a 5-year-old isn’t cheap! I scrimp and save every way that I can. When I make a purchase sometimes I get looks due to the fact I don’t have much money. I can promise you I have thought about what I need to sacrifice to purchase said item and the flack I will get for spending. No one likes people to criticize them for their life and I am pretty sure unless you are in a court of law or standing before your maker that judging others is frowned upon, yet people tend to forget that.

There are so many times when I wish I could just wave a magic wand and fix things. Or maybe win the lottery! That would work too. Then I could do the things I love, which are not high paying jobs, and enjoy life. Instead we are expected to get a job, any job, it doesn’t matter if you are miserable doing it, to make money and pay bills. It’s a vicious cycle that I am trying to find my way away from.

Today I have hope that things will be better. I will find the time to make my many doctors’ appointments, clean the house and find a “real” job, or at least something that pays more so I don’t have to ask for assistance. I am so grateful for the help but I despise asking. If it wasn’t for my child I wouldn’t worry so much. I have always been able to care for myself, but when you bring a child into the world, you are responsible for them. Giving up things I once thought I needed was easy for me when I had him. I’ve never been one to purchase costly clothing, unless it was second hand. I have never had the newest car nor do I want one. I did stop buying random items that I didn’t need any more and started actually using the coupons I cut out instead of forgetting them! In fact, it is one of my many projects to go through the Sunday paper this week and get out the coupons I need. I have decided it may be worthwhile to invest in a milk cow since the boy seems to drink a few gallons a week. Hey it saves me money on sodas!

So yes, I am motivated this week! I am working and never losing hope, even when I get in a funk. To lose hope, to me, means to give up, and I am not giving up!

I hope you have a motivational Monday and never lose hope!

Always keep hope alive!


The Friday before Halloween!

It’s almost here! Halloween! And its Friday, the day before Halloween!

halloween 1

Last night we had a trial run so to speak. The boy and I went to a local assisted living and he got to trick or treat. He was a red ninja with devil horns, yes I laughed as I got 2 pair of the devil horns at the dolla store for an adult without a costume on Halloween. I am a bit enthusiastic about Halloween! I also wore a pair of the horns. Like from when we left the house until after we got home including at the gas station! The residents got to visit with the children and everyone had a fabulous time! It was so much fun and there was a big turnout of children. It meant so much to the people living there to get to enjoy children dressed up and the kids had a safe environment and adoration by everyone they met. He made a lot of new friends and got a lot of candy for about 45 minutes of visiting with folks! I finally met the gentleman who’s always asking me for a date! He said, “Hey you’re the cutie from the day room I see and you were here today. Wait, that one’s not mine! Let me just give y’all some candy! I love your shirt and your horns!” It was fabulous!

Today is the boy’s Halloween party at school. I am still not sure what he is going to choose but it’s between Batman, a Ninja turtle, Red Power Ranger (or blue, why not?) or the red ninja costume… he has options. I have decided to go as the pink power ranger. I know I said “never again” but these are kids and they will get a kick out of it! Only I will wear my black cowboy boots instead of the “cute” white go-go like boots I got to go with the costume but I found out they are torture to walk in after about 45 minutes. And I will medicate myself before I fabulously and gracelessly get there for set up! I will have a bit of time to hang with the teachers and decorate before the small creatures get up from their “nap time.” *Sigh, I sometimes miss naps! I am sure we will have fun and dance about. Hence the medications needed!

halloween l s b

That’s the reason this fabulous crazy mama plans a semi low key evening in with crafts, easy dinner and Halloween movies with the boy before the big day! In my family, we dress up and go out and about. We may hit a festival or something Halloweenie and then go trick or treating. It is always Fabulously Fun! I love that I have passed the love of the holiday to the boy. Of course we pretend to be all kinds of people and dress in costumes even when it isn’t Halloween, so that may make us a touch strange but it still makes us totally fabulous! And maybe a wee bit crazy but in that good kind of way!

I hope you all have a fabulously fun Friday and get ready for Halloween!!!


halloween style

Plague, plague Go Away!

web md google dying

I feel the itching & scratching. No I will not let it in I start fighting it.

A few days ago it was trying to fill my head, make me stuffy. Always bringing the exhaustion. No! I will not give in to you oh cruel, evil vermin.

It is the seasonal “plague” as I call it. The one that gets in your head and chest and sometimes knocks you down for days. I have been doing battle since the first symptoms started last week.

Chances are good I got the germ from the boy, my little Typhoid Mary, as I am always up at his school. It doesn’t really matter where I got it, or apparently how much of that hand sanitizer I use, it has chosen to try and get into my system and knock me down. I am not cool with that!

clorox wipes

It’s one thing to have the back and hip problems I have. To wake up to a new ache or situation with something I am familiar with at least. But when this crap begins rearing its ugly head at me I tend to get a bit psycho on it. I immediately start taking OTC meds, guzzling more water and juices than I already do, and adding more vitamins to my routine. I work to eat better and try to sleep more because I know that sleeping helps. When I wake to crusty eyes and no voice I stumble to the bathroom for a hot wash cloth and gargle with salt water. I do everything I can think of doing to try and beat the beast before it truly awakens.

Its average is twice a year to knock me down. Last time I called the local ENT and went in for a shot and antibiotics to knock it out. I was still down for a few days. I am not what one would call a patient patient! I try to be but I am so independent. Caregiving is my job, not something I want to need for myself! Yet every year I find myself being attacked by a similar “bug” no matter how vigilant I am. I can’t take the flu shot, no, not any of them, so if I get the flu I will really be screwed!

Since I have had my son, it’s harder for me to be sick when I know that he needs me. At least he is seeing anyone can get sick no matter what precautions they take and how to care for others who are sick. He makes a good nurse though telling him I can’t run around, not because of my back, but because I have a fever and the doctor frowns on us getting too overheated. Not that I could run around if I wanted to!

fine no sleep needed

I pray that none of my fabulous readers get this plague. If you do, I pray it passes quickly and you aren’t down too long!

Try to stay healthy and Keep Hope Alive my Friends!

Life can change in an instant

life is short live it cherish love anger fear memories

In an instant it can all change. Your plans, you very life can change. All with a phone call, text or personal visit.
I may be graceless but I try to work on a schedule, which is harder now that I do freelance and work for myself. So when I schedule time for things, I reschedule other things and even tack on extra things to sometimes get yet another thing taken care of. The schedule is flexible and I juggle but I do pretty well most of the time. If something changes I can go with the flow and make arrangements to reschedule and work around the other things.
My original plans for this weekend included much overdue time needed with my girls, a bit of organization and many laughs and good friends. Since I was already going to be in the area, I also scheduled a needed doctor appointment prior to the getting together.
Then came the text I didn’t want to get. My friend’s aunt had passed. Although it was early in the week, I knew that our plans for the weekend would change. I knew she needed to be there for her family and I want her to be. She was apologizing to me for having to cancel. And asking if I would let our other friend know, she was coming in from yet another state, that she had to cancel and was sorry. This lady is quality let me tell you! Here she is with the loss of her beloved aunt, having to pack up and travel to another state and worrying about canceling plans with 2 friends. 2 friends who are immediately asking what we can do and saying not to worry, and meaning it, that of course we can re-schedule. Yes, you can call on your way there or anytime you need to talk! I feel for her and her family. It is hard enough when someone we love passes, it is also hard to coordinate your life, you job, your spouse/partner and family to be gone for several days to mourn the passing of your loved one. It takes it out of you both emotionally and physically. You deal with relatives, friends, people you haven’t seen in years or some you have never met and are meeting finally for the first time. It is bittersweet as you know it is the one you love who brought everyone together and they are no longer here
Of course we are sad we aren’t getting together and able to do the things we had “planned” to do, however certain things take precedence over “plans”.  Life Happens.
When my daddy died I was devastated. We all knew it was coming, and coming soon. We were blessed in respect to knowing that it would be quick and hopefully painless. It was fortuitous that I was there with my daddy, close family and friends when he left this plane. A part of my life was on hold while we took care of The Final Arrangements for my father. I called into work to let them know what was happening, I still took care of the boy, but was also helping my mom, uncle, brother and aunt as they were helping me. We are all trying to just get through, even with a “plan” for this event, it was not an “easy” process. I am grateful to family and friends that stepped up, either through actions or just kind words or gestures, of being there for me. My “little sister” Wucy took over packing up my home in TN before driving to AL with her wonderful fiancé for the services. She then helped the day of the funeral when our home turned into an impromptu large gathering of friends, family and business associates of my dad and family. There were so many people there that wanted to share their memory and be with others who loved and respected him. The night before the funeral it snowed. There were ice storms in the surrounding areas and there was concern we needed to move the funeral time. Fortunately, the day of the streets around us were clear enough for us to make it to the church and then to the cemetery and home safely. It was those little things that got us through, but now we were facing a different reality than the one we had previously. In an instant my mother went from married to widowed. In an instant, my brother and I no longer had a father and my uncle no longer had a brother. We knew it was coming as my dad had been fighting a brave fight against cancer for a second time. It did not make it any easier when the moment came and he wasn’t with us any longer. We were glad he was no longer suffering, but also upset that we were no longer here to share with us his love, humor and wisdom when we desperately needed it.

i dont grieve for moment of loved one

Life can change in an instant. You never know what will happen or when plans will change.
Tell you family and friends you love them and how much they mean to you every chance you get.
Always Keep Hope Alive and have a fabulous day.

stop n look around life amazing


It may be beginning or ending, but it’s Friday!

friday end or beginning

It’s FRIDAY! Welcome to the beginning of the weekend! Or is it the end of the week? Whatever it is for you I hope it’s fabulous!

welcome back sexy friday

My plan is to take it easy, clean a little, hang with my honey and go out with the girls one night. Ah girl’s night out… I remember when I once did that a lot more than I do now and I miss it! I think it’s important to have girlfriends, or guy friends, that you can get together and just be your goofy self with.

One of my friends is actually one of my cousins who I don’t get to see as often as I would like to. I was dying laughing the other day going through a box of my things and I came across several papers I had written for classes back in 1988! Oh the dreams of youth! I had to send them to my cousin to remind her we were long overdue on a trip we were supposed to make apparently back in July of 1989. It involved finding one of our friends we had met and going to St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands and staying on his boat! We both had other adventures that summer and the trip was put off. Since it’s been over 25 years I think she and I just need to make the trip!

Friday means the beginning of football, sporting events, festivals and hopefully a weekend of family, friends and fabulous fun! It brings joy to my heart in the hopes to get to sleep in for at least a day!

I remember when I could sleep until noon, now it seems if I get up by 10 I feel I have slept in. What’s up with that?! Does this come with the aging thing? I am not so down with that as I once was! I miss my sleep! Something about having a child at almost 40 messed with my system and now I seem to be more prone to waking earlier than I previously did, and I yearn for sleep. I day dream about it! Yet I am a night owl and if I want to get things done during regular hours I have to get up so I can get moving and get out. And the whole get moving thing seems to take longer than it once did. Seriously I am not digging this getting older business! I may be ok with the getting older but the recovery time of a night out and the body not moving as well kind of sucks!

I am just grateful I can even complain about it as some aren’t as fortunate. I do realize that and know that even though I struggle with many things, I am blessed beyond measure that I am still able to do the things I do and to have the people in my life that I have.

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a fantastic weekend!

As always remember to Keep Hope Alive!

hooray friday oh wait im a blogger