A little corner of my mind

Come with me and hold my hand.

Take me with you to the promise land.

Hold on tight don’t let me go.

For you see the things I do not know.

I don’t know want to walk alone.

I don’t know how to be all grown.

I wonder when I will learn these things.

They tell me to raise my voice and sing.

I guess I’ll smile and nod my head.

Pretend this feeling is not of dread.

I will hold my head high as the show must go on.

But in my soul I know the road is long.

On the horizon I see great things, I know I will get through this pain.

It won’t be just me in my thoughts and mind, I will have others to help me this time.

Ones I know will always be true, no matter what, through and through.

As I mature and learn through the strife, I have uncovered the joy and hope in my life.

So see if you have hope, a bit of faith and pray, you will make it through another day.

*I hope you enjoyed my poetry as I enjoy writing it. Sometimes it takes longer and other times it flies right out but I don’t always share it right away and sometimes I keep it for myself or the person it was written for. I have come to realize it’s very cathartic for me to share as I get more and more messages as to others feeling similarly as I do. It’s nice to know others can relate and even compliment my thoughts.

Have a fabulously fantastic Thursday!

Keep Hope Alive!


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