Front row seating on the karma parade

Sometimes life hands you that moment you have dreamed about, watching karma in action.

No matter if you have forgiven the person for the wrongs against you, you wonder how it can be that some people can be so cruel and mean but they seem to glide on through life, not caring about the havoc they reek on others and getting away with it seemingly without consciousness nor concern for anyone but themselves.

While you continue on the path, no matter how hard and how painful, of the right and moral way to get through this havoc and hell that you allowed yourself into because you cared.

You are not the only casualty of this war, but you are at the top of the hit list.

In order to have peace of mind you have to move forward in a healthy way, not giving into the rage and anger because you know how easily you could become like the person who continues to fuel the fires though the title fight is over.

It is not easy but you have no choice to focus on making your life better and keep hope alive. The process is slow, painful and exhilarating. You find you are stronger than you ever imagined. You find patience where you thought there was no patience and strength you thought had long gone.

You finally reach that point where you no longer have any feelings… no fear, nausea, anxiety. It has all gone. You realize you are free.

You can even be around them without stressing and feeling ill.

Their power over you is gone.

You are always watchful. You know to not trust this person. But you have a place of peace now.

Then, when you are not expecting it, karma falls into your lap and gives you first row seating to one of the main events.

There are so many tentacles of what it could be but this one, oh yes this one, somehow, deep down, you knew the universe could not let them get a free pass. You knew one day this would have to surface. They will have no choice but to face the music.

Although you thought about it, dreamed of it, now that it is transpiring you do feel a tug in your mind, guilt of feeling any kind of happiness that it’s finally being stopped. They can’t hurt you in that way anymore but you still feel a tiny bit bad that it is going to be so rough for them. Then you think about all that you paid for, the heartache, tears and years. You think of how you no longer harbor hatred and wonder if they will ever find that peace.

Sadly, you realize that they may never find their compassion or peace in this life. You realize this could be just the first wave of the karma parade.

How are you supposed to feel? It isn’t up to me. I didn’t make it happen. I feel that I am supposed to be happy or relieved but honestly, I am just more in awe. The universe takes care of those who take care of others in its own time.

I know I believe.

Keep hope alive.



2 thoughts on “Front row seating on the karma parade

  1. So true. I’ve actually learned to pray for my enemies. Those enemies can sometimes exist in your own family.

    GOD loves when we pray for them because He loves them just the same. He rewards you for those prayers.

    Abundant blessings, Emma

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