Do you believe in anything?

Do you believe in anything?

The definition of believe is “to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so”.

Do you have hope?

The definition of hope is “the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best”.

In my mind, these words mingle together. If I believe in something or someone I have hope that the best outcome will happen.

The tricky part is some may feel that believing is stronger than hoping. I get that. I totally do.

For me though, having both belief and hope, is the best and strongest intermixing in my mind.

I love the two of them together for to me they seem to make it that much more real.

Neither words are “tangible” so to speak. But together they mean having faith, of putting all of yourself and you secret hopes and dreams all in the same basket and believing that it will all work out for the best possible outcome for my life. My motto “keep hope alive” is such a part of me as it gives me a renewed strength where I believe the best is still a reality.

Yes there can definitely be instances where you have hope, but you don’t believe or have faith in a situation so you hope for the best.

Or you believe in something or someone but know deep down that it won’t be as you had hoped it would be.

Faith is a bit different. The definitions “confidence or trust in a person or thing” and “belief that is not based on proof”.

All too often we toss out the terms “I believe you.” “I have hope.” I have faith in this situation when truly we don’t. I feel that it is something that for some is learned and even expected to be said. Or you say it so often you want it to be true, but again your gut tells you that it isn’t. And no one wants to suffer the heartache and depression of no longer having their faith, their belief and their hope pounded into the sand.

Which is why I always say Keep Hope Alive.

For me, I can never give up. I can never stop believing that better things, better people, better situation are out there for me and mine.

I have faith that I will find that happiness and peace I so desperately need.

I am seeing it now in my life.

I want to be cautious yet I feel this mystical pull telling me, yes, it is right and true. Run towards it and not away.

I have had my heart broken, my trust shattered, my faith questioned.

I have also picked myself up, dusted off and got back on the ride of life because I Believe in myself. I believe in others. I have hope and faith that not everyone is bitter and angry.

If the past few months have shown me anything, it has shown me to never lose faith. Never give up hope and never stop believing.

Because sometimes dreams and peace really do come. And I can’t spend my time discounting it because of past experiences. I have to believe in myself and have faith that walking down this path will not lead to heartache and destruction.

I know that I will lose friends and loved ones. This is life and it isn’t always pretty and it’s definitely not perfect. But when I find those special people that make me happy, give me butterflies, make me feel good inside about myself, I can’t not take a chance. Have a little faith. I can’t not keep hope alive.

For where would I be if I had no belief? No hope? No faith?

Sad and lonely and most likely in a deep, dark miasma of depression I am sure.

Not that I don’t visit the dark hallways of my mind. There are many and they are vast.

It makes me appreciate all of the beauty, joy and happiness I feel when something or someone I believe in proves me right and does not only for me and mine, but also themselves.

So try to have a little belief, hope and faith in your fellow humans. Try to see the world in a different perspective. Trust me, it can change your world!

Have a fabulous day!



4 thoughts on “Do you believe in anything?

  1. There is a friend of mine that I believe and faith in, enough that when she encouraged me to get another doctor, I trusted her opinion and judgement and did in fact find another neurologist and looked what happened because I had faith 🙂 My gut instinct, my hope and faith tell me that it is not ALS, but something different, but even if it is I have unconditional faith in my Creator, my friend and what family I have that they will walk beside me, give me strength and hope just as they have promised. Had I stayed with that same doctor I was with, I would have died prematurely and in vain, but I took a chance because for one because someone taught me to Keep Hope Alive, and I believe in and have faith in that person as my friend. I will not give up, first for myself and I will not give up because I have people who have faith in me, who still rely on me in ways. It’s the little things I love and find beauty in , in this world. How could I ever give up hope, it’s not in me just to lay down and give up. Sure I get down sometimes and have my doubts about humanity as a whole sometimes, but I could never give up my faith in my God who has blessed me in ways I never thought possible. I give thanks for not only my blessings but also my trials and heartbreaks, because they made me grow and learn and strengthened my faith. We never know what tomorrow holds; gotta have hope, trust and faith in ourselves, other people and our Creator. I know for me personally I have faith in my friend who reminded me how to Keep Hope Alive again, how could I dishonor that by ever just giving up? I can’t, it’s not in me.


  2. I’m happy that you found those special people/person that make you feel at peace and happy and special. Take a chance, you never know without taking a chance. You only get one life, and none of us are ever promised a tomorrow. No matter how much time we believe we have to do this or do that, or the things that we say oh I’ll around to that tomorrow etc etc, that time can even get yanked out from under you really fast, so trust me, run, don’t walk, or run away from a shot at some happiness and peace and it is not selfish to do so, it’s part of surviving in this world, because you may have had a chance at something and out of fear didn’t take it, and then because of some uncontrollable situation(s), that chance has passed, the boat has sailed and very rarely do second chances come back around, even if they do, they are never quite the same. You gotta grab happiness sometimes where ever you can find it. Time and Life waits on no one. People go their separate ways, time flies right before your eyes, people get sick, and people pass on into another existence, and let me tell you, regrets especially when you have limited time are very hard to swallow. Live life while you have it, my friend, don’t just exist from day to day, God didn’t put us here on this earth for that purpose. I truly hope you have found what you have been looking for all this time, and that you can be at peace and happy the rest of your days. I wish you tons of love and well wishes for whatever path you choose in your heart to go down. May you be happy, well loved, at peace and fulfilled in everything that you do.It has always been such a pleasuring knowing you spending here and there time and space with you. Peace be with you today and always my dear friend.

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