Just breathe

Sometimes you go and you go and you go and suddenly a brick wall appears out of no where and there you are.

Smack on your booty. Sprawled across the pavement, against the window or whatever.

This is all metaphorically speaking of course!

I feel like that a lot when parenting. Or in life. Or when I haven’t seen my boy in over a week and over did it playing and can barely move! Literally.

We run errands, take care of others (family, animals, friends), work, clean, socialize and seem to be on the run constantly.

We forget to stop and smell the roses.

We forget to just breathe.

It seems so many things get in the way of having “fun”.

We start “carving time out” for “free time” but fill it with “hobbies” that seem to stress us out even more.

What happened to playing and being silly, singing for no reason and dancing in the rain?

What happened to just enjoying being?

We hold our breath hoping to get that job, for that boy to ask us to the dance, for that girl to call and we hold our breath waiting to see what the next words out of someone’s mouth is because it means “something” to us.


Just Breathe.

Long, slow, deep breaths.

Sometimes it’s all that you need.





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